Ahad, 10 Jun 2012

Moroccan Style


Hi there, looking for Moroccan style? Here we got some idea, simple, nicer and better.  This dias was presented for Persona Pengantin magazine as a cover for coming June/July issue and Irma Hasmie as model who will be seated and styled by her. 

This theme colour and concept was choosen by auditor and crew, so we tried to higher it with our best.  As usual, moroccan will use many colour and fabric, so under tent, the three combination of orange, grey and cream give a maximum impact for this theme.  Then we use the silver teak bench and some decorative item.  Arrangement flowers with bundle of grape make the dias look so stunning.

Thanks a lot to Irma Hasmie for hire us as the designer... hope our cooperative will run smoothly, Insyaallah.

p/s... can't wait the end of this June :)

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