Jumaat, 5 Ogos 2011

Emerald Green and Violet Purple with Gold

Sometimes our decor is based on customer ideas and  requirement from the scratch, yes it's true! they pay the cost and the requirement must be met, it's our job to customize their ideas. Here, is showing the result from a fairly long discussion, the changes towards change has been made to achieve the best results, the bride just agreed because she had a super mum and cousin who are skilled and experienced in this field. Alhamdulillah ... everything goes smoothly as planned despite last minute changes , things like this is normally for us and we dont mind and always ready for it. Approximately took one day before rushing to Seremban, we make sure that the dais, hantaran and other decorations are complete as well as we promised ...

This dais is a combination of the Morocco and the royal throne with a big floral arrangements and lavish as well as insertion of fruit wines and the bride as a princess while she put a break on Cleopatra. The combination color of Emerald green and royal purple also appear luxurious ambience with a little touch of golden grooming.

We also emphasized the same concept on the terms of colors and presentation for the hantaran . With roses and cymbidhium orchids as a main subject and inserted golden metal  flowers make the sets of hantaran look more exclusive  .

Thanks of infinitely to them for their cooperation, kindness and hospitality during we were there...

Venue: Subang Jaya
Date: 4 June 2011
Colour:  Emereld green, purple and gold
Cocept: Royal touch and exclusive

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