Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Bride Inspiration { Colours of Romance!!)

Aqua Blue and Champagne Inspirations

Today I am so honored to be  sharing one of my favorite weddings! I am in love with this colour!! Its rarely chosen ... I mean in Malaysialah. It seems like a romantic and warm color. Pairing fresh florals, glam element (like cristal ball) and feather in bright blue color palette made this wedding feel almost beachy and glam!!
The arch with draped curtain, combined of two main colors aqua and champagne

The isle.. with flowers and console table
Flowers arrangement... in champagne colors
A simple touch for main table
Hall decorations
I can't write long and detail for a while... it's about time, and don't have enough time.  Got more picture to edit and to show here.  So, let pictures tell the story.. see u all on the next wedding!!

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