Rabu, 30 November 2011

Modern Vintage Garden

 This actually my nephew's friend wedding, she comes to us earlier but then this event we've submitted to Little Lovesome as in charge decorator while we have another big job to think and prepared. By the way I'm still look forward and DC team still help to setup the decor. This bride wants something simple but looks garden vintage, Botanical Garden Putrajaya as the venue for reception day. The installation works have finished and its look so simple and sweet. Using dark egg and soft pink color, we decorate the pelamin, main table, centerpiece, dessert table and entrance with sweet, cute and vintage item, fresh flowers, bottles, pom-pom fowers and lantern and tadaaaa....

Wedding outdoor is a very nice view, selection of outdoor location as a garden wedding venue is a bold decision because of uncertain weather of our country, she was very lucky because the weather is good during the ceremony. Bundle of thanks to Yong Farred as my partner for her great job and ideas...

Venue: Botanical Garden, Putrajaya
Themed colour: dark egg and baby pink
Reception Concept: Vintage garden wedding
cooperate by: De Classaflora and Little Lovesome

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