Selasa, 6 Disember 2011


venue: Petaling Jaya
Hall: Dewan Sivik Hall
Themed colour: pink and white for solemnization/ blue and lilac for reception
concept: elegant garden wedding
This is what we called 'Rezeki' Alhamdulillah. This customer have called me while I'm and my crew quite busy to setup another wedding and for a twice then again n again they called me and plead me to do their wedding decorations. At last after double checked my schedule, we accept the job even my head still thinking how to run 2 jobs in the same day...aduh!!! Boleh pengsan ni.. About three times we met, and then my husband was sketch the pelamin and all for hall and house decoration.
Good news comes to us when my 1st customer comes to us and told their event will be postponed to a new date, like want to jump up high and touch the sky, what a great news!! so.. , now we can  breathe a sigh of relief ..
Their themed is soft pink n white for solemnization event because the bride's family wearing a shade of pink clothes and blue touch of lilac and silver for reception day and their family members wearing a blue and turqoise themed. So... It looks so sweet at house and soooooo...elegant and five stars looking at hall.

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