Rabu, 9 Januari 2013

The Royal Sweetness

Watch the yellow colour here and everywhere, its seems like in spring season with lots of blooming roses and another flowers in a bright sunshine.  The themed we called Royal Sweetness inspired from the themed wedding and of course the bride's royal blood.

 As usual we created the dessert table in very detail touch, from beginning to finishing touches to make sure everything is perfect! The dessert neatly arranged in three main colour yellow, gold and cream. On the console table touch of yellow flowers roses, eustoma, orchid and matiola make it look gorgeous.

Appreciate, when the guest get excited. It not just an appetizer or dessert corner but it such as photo booth.
Don't miss this perfect moment, although there has been dias and so on but this dessert table is something very sweet to appreciate and cherished as sweet as dishes
perfectly neat and gorgeous
blooming flowers make it perfect

dessert on desk is perfectly taste
sweet and bright....beautiful sunshine
sweetness sweet
Choose and  taste it

**Note: (More Picture on page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Lovesome/)
Our prices possible higher than out there but our prices to ensure quality and presentations go hand in hand with what we want to provide

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