Khamis, 12 April 2012

All About Party!!

Salam and peace..

It's so adorable, cute, stunning and happening and what I can say here, we proud, enjoy and excited to do this! Starting from 2011, Litte Lovesome actually still a baby, just learning to crawl and toddle but Alhamdulillah I'm surely proud of us because we are able to walk and even tried to run.

Birthday celebrations are still new and rarely celebrate by us, usually just a cake and some food and drink, now its like a trend and its not celebrated every year, once in a while when they have a chance for this, would leave memorable and happier not only children but also their parents, its an opportunity to meet their friends and so on.

Here, some pictures that I want to share with you, theme and decorations as well as ceremony that we organize for kid and toddlers birthday bash..

birthday cake

photo booth

table setup and decorations
dessert table

personalize drinking water
goody bag and theme decoration 

party item and play time

theme decoration

angry bird dessert table

Saya pamerkan di sini only three theme barbie princess, minnie mouse and angry bird theme.  There are a lots of theme inspired by us since Little Lovesome ditubuh dan ianya sangat comel.. dan anda boleh layari facebook Little Lovesome for more pictures and ideas, antaranya rainbow theme, tinkerbell, girly glam, princess and more... :)


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