Jumaat, 14 Disember 2012

Sweet as Peach Dessert Table

Hmm.. last entry was about the wedding solemnization, as promised I will highlight the dessert table that we made it in this event.  Still in this theme peach pink wedding, we created the dessert table in peach colour pallete. 
As usual we will strive to make a difference for every dessert table we produce, then as their request, dessert table made ​​in two separate corners.

Personalized Chocolate bar
Tagging and sugar cookies

Enjoy the dessert
Chocolate fountain
The Cakes

We are pretty picky in choosing the types of dessert to put on the table, so that not just look cute and beautiful but a very-very importantly it is also delicious to eat. And.. that is what we received when we came back to clearing up the table at the end of the event (every event actually) it make us feel very satisfied when looking at the table full of cute and tasty food (just now) and now was empty and finish already.

But sometimes, an incident happens that we do not expect when the chocolate fountain stopped working in the middle of the run, while we were back home. There, may be a technical mistake or problem happens from the hall that we do not know because at first there is no problem from our side.

By the way, Alhamdulillah, fortunately the host did not scold us when we gave an explanations , and we give discounts to them to make amends. Fuhh .. hopefully no more incidents like this happen.
Note: a bunch of thanks to Datin, Datuk and the rest of family for your kindness and trust in us.
To us...Keep it up!! 

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